Coffee pouches

We also have stand-up pouches and box bottom bags with resealable zippers that are perfect for increasing retail sales.

Kraft Pouches

Our bags are food-safe and have a strong barrier for extended product freshness, and they can be heat sealed. Many of our kraft pouches have features such as clear windows and resealable zippers, making them even more appealing in retail spaces.

Key Features

  • Ready to use Stand Up Pouches
  • Stand Up Pouches Available in Many Sizes
  • With Window & Transparent Front Side
  • Available in Big & Small Quantities

Custom Label Design

We can supply labels for our pouch range – customised with your artwork, storage requirements and desired finish e.g. matte, glossy or paper finish.

Our digital press technology will ensure that you can optimise your spend across variants and avoid plate charges and long lead times.

We can send you the layout for editing or we can offer an affordable artwork design service – the choice is yours!

Our range

Standup Pouches are available in different sizes, styles & color options; it also offers a fantastic replacement for rigid packaging.

The zipper pouches emerged as a staple in flexible packaging solutions for different industry sectors.

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How do I use the Peel ‘n’ Seal zipper?

At the top of the bag, lift the tab and peel to the right along the top of the bag. Once the zipper has been peeled off you can open the zipper like any normal bag and press to reseal.

What does the one-way degassing valve do?

The degassing valve vents the CO2 that is naturally released from freshly roasted coffee beans. Without a valve, the release of CO2 gas could rupture the coffee bag. The valve lets the CO2 escape while preventing air from re-entering the bag, ensuring freshness.

What are the bags made of?

The bags are made with a mix of materials including bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP), metallised PET (VMPET), and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). BOPP is the outer material on white and black bags, while brown bags use natural kraft paper. VMPET provides an excellent barrier to light and oxygen that keeps the coffee beans fresher for longer. LLDPE is the inner lining of the bag that provides a food-safe surface, as well as allowing the bags to be heat sealed.

Can I pack food, Pharma products or organic products in this packaging?

Yes, you can pack food, pharma or any organic products in this packaging.

Our range include:

  • Coffee
  • Oil
  • Pet Food
  • Medicines
  • Tea
  • Fruit Juice
  • Agriculture
  • Nuts
  • Health Products
  • Tea
  • Fruit Juice
What is the minimum order to purchase stand up pouches?

Our minimum order quantities varies from 500 to 10000 pieces.

Please feel free to contact our experts for more substantial info.  


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